Firma Handlowo-Usługowa KARAT
Adam Rajpold, ul. Miodowa 16
31-517 Kraków
NIP: 676-117-94-35

Management of the hotel will be very grateful for your cooperation in complying with these Rules and Regulations, which is intended to ensure peace and safety of all our guests.


  1. The hotel rooms are rented from check-in to check-out (charging day).
  2. Check-in time is at 2.00 p.m. and check-out time is at noon, 12:00, on the next day.
  3. A person renting a hotel room and residing it, hereinafter referred as the Guest, is obliged to check-in by presenting personal ID at the reception and signing the residence registration card.
  4. If the Guest does not specify the duration of their stay, it is assumed that they rent a room for one day.
  5. A wish for extending a stay should be reported at the reception no later than at noon, 12:00, on the day of the departure. The hotel agrees to prolong a stay if there is a possibility and places are available.
  6. Checking-out after the noon, 12:00, will be treated as an extension of the stay by another day, for which the hotel will charge the Guest according to the current price list.
  7. The Hotel Guest cannot transfer the room to other persons , even if the term of stay for which they paid has not expired.
  8. Persons unregistered in the hotel can stay in a hotel room from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  9. Persons who stay in a room after 10:00 p.m. but are not registered at the hotel are obliged to pay for their stay in accordance with the current price list.
  10. Payment for a stay is charged by the hotel in advance. The Guests are required to pay for their stay during the check-in procedure.
  11. Smoking, apart from some designated places, is strictly prohibited in the hotel. In the case of not complying with this prohibition the hotel will charge a fee in accordance with the current price list.
  12. All persons staying in the hotel are required to respect night silence time from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. Night silence time may be disturbed by the hotel staff if an event like wedding, banquet, etc. is being arranged. In that case, the hotel is obliged to inform the person making a reservation about the scheduled event.
  13. Due to the fire protection using heaters, electric irons, and other similar devices which are not a part of the hotel fittings, is strictly prohibited in the rooms.
  14. The Guest will be responsible for all damages or destructions of the hotel equipment and technical appliances arising from their fault or the fault of the people visiting them.
  15. In the case of violation of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the hotel may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violates them. Such person is obliged to promptly comply with the requests of the hotel staff, pay for services already provided and for caused ​​damage and destruction and for leaving the hotel area.
  16. The Hotel may refuse to accommodate a Guest who was in serious breach of Terms and Conditions during their previous stay, by way of damaging Hotel or Guests' property or by disturbing other Guests’ stay or the functioning of the hotel in any other way.
  17. The hotel staff will enter rented room only in case of cleaning or bed sheet changing. Also hotel stuff have the right to enter accomodated room in the event of threatening the security of guests or in the case of failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the hotel.
  18. Hotel is obliged to ensure:
    - A full and comfortable holiday
    - Safe residence, including: security of secrecy of information about the guest
    - Care of a professional and polite staff
    - Services: room cleaning and repairs of equipment when Guests are away from the hotel
  19. At the Guest’s request the hotel provides the following services which are free of charge:
    - Information about the stay and travelling
    - Wake-up calls
    - Storing money and valuables in a safe-box during
    - Guest’s stay
    - Information about left-luggage office for Guests registered in the Hotel
  20. The hotel’s responsibility on account of any loss or damages of things brought to the hotel by the Guest is regulated by the articles 846-849 of the Civil Code. The responsibility of the hotel is limited in the case of those things not being deposited at the reception. Hotel has a right to refuse to store money, securities and all valuables, especially if they pose danger to the safety of the hotel or their value is too great in relation to the hotel’s size or standard or if they require too much space.
  21. The Guest should immediately inform the reception staff about any damages right after its occurrence.
  22. The hotel is not responsible for any damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  23. Each time when leaving a room, the Guest should check if the door is locked and leave the key at the reception.
  24. The Guest has a right to make a complaint if they notice a decline in the quality of provided services. All complaints are handled by the reception staff within 14 days.
  25. All personal belongings left in a room will be sent to an address indicated by the Guest. The Guest covers the shipping costs. If the hotel does not receive any instructions the items will be stored for 30 days and after this time all they will be disposed of. 

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